Promob Studio SCA 5.0

A great software for serial manufacturers of high standard furniture
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With the new Promob interface, you can visualize your project in up to 4 different views choosing between 2D and 3D, perspectives and orthogonals.
For each customer, have only one file. The organization method of Promob stores all the projects, budgets, printings and images of a same customer within one only file. This simplifies the access, because your search the file by the customer’s name and have all the history of projects, images and budgets made for him/her.

Organize the visualization of your project through the Camadas (layers). With this resource, you can realize filters hiding items or groups of items in the project. For example, you can visualize only the inferior modules or hide the decoration items of the project.

Advantages of using Promob:

- Increases the quality in all the sales process
- As the customer sees the project, it facilitates mutual understanding
- Synchronized to the factories’ launching (web updating)
- Helps the sale because it impresses the customer
- You use the software that is used by over 50,000 users
- Totally integrated to the manufacturer
- Helps and facilitates technical assistance
- Easy to learn, does not require technical knowledge
- Guarantee of purchasing with the leader company
- Training available in the principal capitals of the country
- Get 1 year of library support and updating

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